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Communication Mishaps at workplace

True life story

“I am internetting.”

When did internet become a verb?

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Motivation and communication

Motivation is personal. Motivation is a door that opens from inside-out. What happens when you are not motivated to communicate to your colleagues, employees or even your employer. when you find it too tasking to pass whatever information you have?
It becomes a recipe for disaster both in your career and your life.
You need to keep yourself motivated through out, that way you can express yourself much better and only then can you take action that will accomplish your desired goal.

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Simple, fun and unique solutions for small enterprises communication

How do I choose the colors to use on my business cards? Do I even need a business card for my small enterprise?

These are some of the questions that are always facing everyone who is starting.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. All we need it to be focused, and visualize where we want our business to go, our target customers, the demand but that is too much economics. Communications for small enterprises is there to simplify everything for you.

Share your business communication challenges and let us see how we can come up with simple, fun and unique solutions.