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Motivation and communication

Motivation is personal. Motivation is a door that opens from inside-out. What happens when you are not motivated to communicate to your colleagues, employees or even your employer. when you find it too tasking to pass whatever information you have?
It becomes a recipe for disaster both in your career and your life.
You need to keep yourself motivated through out, that way you can express yourself much better and only then can you take action that will accomplish your desired goal.



Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “Motivation and communication

  1. I think through communication one gets to learn that other people share his/her opinion or the other opinions may be different but in a complimenting way. communication gets one motivated to constantly air his/her views and opinions on the subject of interest and through this, great ideas are borne.
    We all should be confident of the ideas we have.

  2. Motivation is like an outward strength moving into a person, opening the eyes to one’s capabilities & potential, leading to increased confidence,trusting & believing in one self. Automatically, a new strong being emerges, & this is every one’s dream.
    Communication is a necessity, if one doesn’t communicate, then there is trouble ahead,lots of misinterpretation & misunderstanding. Everyone must communicate, to let free what is inside & to gain what is outside.

  3. But is it always that easy?
    Then why do we always find ourselves wishing we had said or written this or that?
    Do people always air their views to their employers, colleagues, friends,family members?
    I think it also has a lot to do with confidence and believing in yourself

    1. You have brought up some great points here….
      First, I think that its not Easy to stay motivated always…
      Then again, one sure way of staying motivated is constantly looking for challenge….for example if u have a hard task to perform, find an even harder task prior….
      If talking to someone scares u, find someone even scarier to talk to first….

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