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Kenya’s Vision 2030, MDGs and National Development

The launch of Kenya Vision 2030 process is an ideal starting point to focus attention on what should be done in concrete terms to realize a prosperous Kenya and what must be done in the face of dwindling resources like water, rising unemployment and problems of urbanization. The Kenya Vision 2030 is a long term vision and should have broad based public support and ownership.

Alongside the vision Kenya like many other developing countries is also struggling to deliver on the commitments to MDGs, there is need rethink on the approaches that are used as a way of ensuring that we are on the right track. Kenya as a country has to look at the local conditions and come up with local solutions to these problems. However, this needs to move from mere rhetoric to practical action vested on local knowledge and realities of the communities.  A local solution needs to happen within an institutional framework. This framework should foster the transition from merely donor funding to enhancing knowledge transfer so as to locate and sustain this knowledge and skills within communities. Knowledge and skills adoption within society is therefore the critical move the government and other stakeholders need to undertake. To leave the government to accomplish all these, considering our situation as a developing country, would be so much as there are multiple issues involved one of the major one being the politics. Therefore it is up to the individuals to take up the responsibilities as well and build the country.

Mobilization of resource to sustain the business models especially for the micro and small businesses is of paramount important. This must be looked at from the perspective of the attractiveness of the businesses while minimizing the risks to environment. This calls for a change in the approach to all sectors, as well as the attitudes and relationships with them.

I would like to see communities empowered to influence policies in the governance so that they would benefit from these policies and therefore contribute to the development of this country and Africa as a whole where scramble for resources causes a lot of conflict.



Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Kenya’s Vision 2030, MDGs and National Development

  1. Is it because the government does not recognize the slums that sanitation has not been addressed as a major challenge in Vision 2030?

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