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Is valentine’s day Overrated?

I decided to go for a cup of camel tea with my friends to start off the weekend and found myself in the middle of  a hot discussion. I sat there wondering why I was part of that discussion. A discussion about a topic I knew very little about outside the theory I researched on the net few years ago.

The experts gave their professional views. Others listened and smiled. I just sat there, listened and hoped to learn something.

Why talk about Valentine’s Day in the middle of March?

Like most discussions of this nature that I find myself in,  it died without a concession on whether it should be a day when men do everything manly possible to please their women and show quantitatively how much they love their women or women should just drop their rather unrealistic expectations.  The discussion gave birth to other related and non-contentious discussions but I am still wondering  if Valentine’s day is overrated and if it is just how much



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