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A walk on the wildside

It feels like forever since I updated this blog. Blame it on the busy life that have become anonymous to my name.

I had an opportunity to go for a weekend excursion in Naivasha where I did three good excursions and camped.

On Saturday I went to Hell’s Gate Hike. The only thing on my mind was to see the Devil’s Bedroom which I did not manage to see since the waters had decided to keep the Devil sleeping. However, I went up and down the Gorge’s and for a moment I forgot where I was.

Camped at Fisherman’s Camp for the night ready for the Sunday’s walk on the wild side in the Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary. I actiually walked besides zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, Dikdiks-(Though they kept running away from me)

We were like 19 of us and animals kept being scared so I decide to split from the group. I came across a group of Wildebeests and I thought it was my chance to take up and close photos  but I got so close they ran away except for a big male one. He kept looking at me I can bet he wanted to charge at me…so I had to run.

That was the best weekend in along time. I had missed camping so much thanks to all the World Cup  excitement.

Camp site before setting up the tents
Two is better than one
Lake Naivasha
Hide and seek with the graceful giraffe