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There is so much to be said

A village on an island in the middle of a salty water ocean can easily die of thirst. There is so much to be said to help me with the publications I am working on that will explore waste management, sanitation, gender equity and inclusion and slum sanitation but I feel that I am in the middle of so much information that wont be let out too me.

Island mind

Like an island on an ocean full of salty water, I must be innovative and survive because I can’t see any other way out.

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You have an opportunity till it’s gone

It felt like a lecture that a student being reprimanded for a bad behavior in school must endure. So similar to childhood days that for a moment I thought I was 11 years old all over again. However, I sat there put on my best smile while my heart screamed at me; if the screams distracted me, I can’t remember.

I am not complaining neither am I whining because as a result, I have learned an invaluable lesson that will be with me for a long time.

He said, “Getting an opportunity to do something is not easy and it is even harder when you get an opportunity and let it pass. You have to know when to tap on all the opportunities that come your way because if well analyzed, opportunities are connected and intertwined. It is all about being manipulative and imposing”. It is a lesson I have come to learn too well.

Window of Opportunity

It is the window of opportunity-  A short period during which an opportunity must be acted on or missed.

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I like your dress

I walk into the office and the first words I hear, “I like your dress. you look very serious and focused”. It is not surprising coming from a bureaucrat. Don’t get me wrong; I know  all about dressing and how it evokes certain opinions from different people.

The dress made all the difference

If you stood in the middle of a street you would find that 80% of the women will be dressed in blue tight jeans and it only takes a different look to set managers and executives different. Maybe a suit or a nice dress. This is because dressing can set you apart or make you look like everyone else.

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The Gourd Painting

I spent the weekend staring at the new painting in my house. It hangs nicely on the wall as if it was a missing piece to a puzzle.

I was trying to figure out what the two gourds pouring into a bigger gourd which then pours into a big one means. The black background was also very intriguing and I have concluded that the background had to be black so that it doesn’t distract me from the main message. What is the message? is it diversity? is is teamwork? is it contribution? or is it just meaningless art work?

I have always loved abstract art because each day a new meaning rises with the rising sun. The Gourd Painting is not an abstract but it would pass for one by all means.

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Fundraising and Communication

Communication by devillious

Will I ever understand how communication and fundraising ever works?

I remember telling my boss that I am not a good fundraiser. That was because I never saw the link and my communication skills connected to fund raising.

Today, I have a different view. I should have attended this workshop last year or last year but one. Now linking communication and fund raising is not so foggy.

Potential champions, internal staff, potential donirs, present partners can all be invited and engaged  using meetings, internet communications, national platforms and regional platforms.

It is not all that easy though, there are still challenges of how to align the strategy with the local context, getting feedback and sharing knowledge.