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Last cookie in the jar: His rituals

He knew what was normal and what was not then it happened and he had to stretch his beliefs. He was so broken inside that he was sure he will never find some of the pieces. He knew what he had to do: perform a ritual.

When his friends invited him for a road trip, they did not know why he agreed to join them so fast. He had a mission. He had heard so many times of success stories associated with self-invented rituals that had brought so much joy and relief to the inventors. Now it was his time to invent his own ritual and nurture what was left inside. He felt like the last cookie in the jar- All broken and lonely.

He could smile but he did not mean it “It is good against the wrinkles that are forming on your face” his other self told him silently that only him could hear.

As he looked at the wideness of the ocean, smelled the salty air and felt the cool breeze, he knew he had made the right choice. “This is where it will take place” he whispered. It did. He let it go with the waters that went round and round the world never to come back at the same place twice. He wished he will never have to do it again and for the rest of the days that his friends kept him company at the warm city of fun, he enjoyed himself.

They say life can be so ironic and he felt as if whoever said that was talking about him because now he has to perform the ritual again- a ritual of finding himself.

Ocean Rituals


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I support the Breast Cancer Awareness.

“What is unique about  October 2010?” A friend asked me and the  first thing that came to mind was Breast Cancer Awareness. “More people are aware of breast cancer than few years ago thanks to October” I said.

Ended up that it was not the answer he was looking for. He later explained that: October 2010 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays all in the same month and it happens once in 823 years!

It got me thinking about the ‘wrong answer’. Is it the wrong answer really?

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is the month dedicated to remember all the affected by the disease. To leave our routines for a moment and think how the awareness could be spread. By doing so, we can save lives, our own and for our close ones.

No one should have to live with breast cancer or any type of cancer.  More needs to be done to stop cancer because suffering from this disease is a painful process and it takes a toll on the human spirit.

Fact: The most significant risk factors for breast cancer are gender (being a woman) and age (growing older).


Correct answer: Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Month


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New Guiness World Record; Every Hand counts

I am planning to celebrate this year’s Global Handwashing Day(15th October 2010) by being part of the team that is attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the Most Number of People Washing Hands at a Single Location.

I am part of the team organizing for 20,000 people to wash their hands at a single location.

The Global Handwashing Day is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap. The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention. The Global Hand washing Day is celebrated on October 15. The first Global Handwashing Day took place on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 when the UN General Assembly designated 2008 the International Year of Sanitation, and it has been celebrated ever since.

Hygiene, sanitation, and water are pillars of development and a large-scale increase in the practice of hand washing with soap would make a significant contribution to meeting the Millennium Development Goal 5: reducing deaths among children under five by two-thirds by 2015. Handwashing has both health and education impact because it prevents diseases, is cost effective and can mean more school days for children.

Clean Hands Save lives- A life that could be yours or your child’s.

Every hand counts!
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Locked in the madness of her heart

On that breezy Friday evening, she rose from that beautifully made green chair and felt lost. She knew her heart was hurting but it is  the feeling of being lost that raised the alarm bells in her head. She laughed about it, maybe just to see if it will go away.

She looked for the smallest bit of inspiration from around her.  A grown woman (read mama’s girl) should be able to take control of her life.  She loudly said to herself  “I think I am…am I?” She was blank; was it time to see  someone and talk about it? Or was it time to take a break and breath before diving into all that has become her life again?

Seasons bring out the best in nature but why are her life’s seasons so cruel to her? She listened to what was happening around her, hoping to hear even the slightest of positivity and even the angels were quiet. She wondered if they were still there or they had also decided to take a break. If it were not  for her enormous faith in the fact that her saint always came to her rescue, she would have changed her name.

Her dreams had become more and more disturbing. Not long ago before this, she would go for a week without a single dream and now, there she was having over three dreams in one night. Disturbingly pleasant dreams of her actual goals and aspirations. No need to to lecture her about the psychology of the subconscious and conscious mind; she knew all about that. With her level of education and status, she knew she needed to take control only she did not know how and this frustrated her.

She was so lost. She compared the feeling with the feeling of being airdropped in the middle of the ocean with no compass.

“One day” she said “I will find myself, I will get out of this and I will breath a long breath but I will keep this here in  my hurt heart; like a compass I need so badly” She knew that even with the madness of her heart, it was the safest place to keep the feeling locked. Even without directions, without sense, without hope and without faith she would always let her heart be her compass.


Locked in the madness of her heart like a compass she needed so badly


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Why are you crying? You’ve got your Prince Charming.

I had the pleasure of attending the World Water Week in Sweden last month and it was a big eyeopener and especially the water cube was amazing. But that is not why I am compelled to write this. I also participated in a workshop on gender and capacity building and I learned a great deal on balanced gender inclusion not only in numbers but also in policy making, implementation and planning.

Then I came across the following article and got me thinking how possible it is when we have all these gender roles. My conclusion: By women being more involved in all thse aspects of life (which is a good thing) they should also understand that it also means more responsibility.

Gender Roles 101W

by ~axi0matic

Keep your fingernails clean, and keep your voice down. Don’t climb the monkey bars when wearing a skirt. Keep your legs together or crossed. No daughter of mine will become a slut.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

No, I will not have a tea party with you. Take your other dolls and use your imagination. Don’t try cooking without mother there to watch you. Use your KidKraft Kitchen, and just make-believe the batter. Dream of palaces and ponies, settle for a kitten and leave him INSIDE the house. It’s ok to play in mother’s high heels, you’ll need to practice. Wear pink and pigtails and for God’s sake, don’t try to cut your own hair. Don’t play with the boys across the street. They’re too rough, you’ll get hurt, you’ll turn into a tomboy or a lesbian. Just play princess and dance to the Spice Girls on your Hello Kitty Karaoke. Don’t slouch, practice good posture. Don’t talk with food in your mouth. Don’t burp. Don’t talk too loud. It’s ok for you to cry, but not too much. No daughter of mine will become a drama queen.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

Go shoe shopping, giggle, gossip, dive into fashion. These are your female rights. Tweeze your brows, wear a trainer bra, talk to mommy about your girl pains. Take dance lessons, be graceful, and learn to eat healthily. No daughter of mine will get fat.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

Learn how to make yourself up, or you’ll never get a man. Learn how to fold laundry, do dishes, and scrub a sink. Without domestic skills you won’t get anywhere. It’s becoming a woman’s world, but that just means you have more responsibility. Accept it with grace. Keep your complaints to yourself. No daughter of mine will become a raging feminist.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

Watch out for men, they will want to steal your innocence. Without your virtue, you are nothing. Don’t believe the “I love you”, it’s only a lie. You’re too young to know what love is. Learn the social laws and abide by them. Get your M-R-S degree before 25. If you don’t, you’re a failure. No daughter of mine will become an old maid.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

Learn from your mother. Ask her questions. Keep your anger to yourself. Don’t nag your husband. No daughter of mine will become a shrew.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

Why are you crying? You’ve got your Prince Charming.

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If you are late; You are fired

If there is one thing I learned long time ago, it is that -there is no excuse for being late. It is always so embrassing to explain and give excuses as to why you are late for whatever reason.

However, there are times that I don’t feel any guilt especially when I have clearly indicated that I cannot make it and the other party continues to insist that the time cannot be changed. Such times I feel like such a deviant but I also realize that you can only do as much as you are willing to.

Today was such a day when I did not feel even the smallest bit of guilt. Don’t get me wrong I respect other people’s time but I also respect mine and if I happen to be  a boss and you get late; you are fired!

It amazes me how bosses can put a very serious impenetrable face whenever someone gets late but not when one is working late. Makes me want to smile.

Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. Sam Levenson
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Global Hand washing Day

You ever notice how you always wash your hands in a public restroom, even though you don’t always at home? Could it be that no matter how clean those public places look, you don’t trust them? Maybe but you should know that these are not the only places that you could collect tonnes of germs! For instance, how many germs do you think live on your mobile phone, Keyboard, or even your friends’ hands?

This year’s Global Hand washing Day will be celebrated on 15th October. It  is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap.  The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention.

I will be part of the team that will see 20,000 school going children wash their hands using soap at the same place during this year’s Global Hand washing Day!

I know it is going to be a lot of work organizing the day but I also know that I will have helped to establish a behavior that will change lives and keep children at school and keep them healthy too.

What will you be doing during this year’s Global Hand Washing Day?

Hand washing is the in thing to do!