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Global Hand washing Day

You ever notice how you always wash your hands in a public restroom, even though you don’t always at home? Could it be that no matter how clean those public places look, you don’t trust them? Maybe but you should know that these are not the only places that you could collect tonnes of germs! For instance, how many germs do you think live on your mobile phone, Keyboard, or even your friends’ hands?

This year’s Global Hand washing Day will be celebrated on 15th October. It  is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap.  The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention.

I will be part of the team that will see 20,000 school going children wash their hands using soap at the same place during this year’s Global Hand washing Day!

I know it is going to be a lot of work organizing the day but I also know that I will have helped to establish a behavior that will change lives and keep children at school and keep them healthy too.

What will you be doing during this year’s Global Hand Washing Day?

Hand washing is the in thing to do!


Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

One thought on “Global Hand washing Day

  1. i love this gal..its awesome….people should oftenly wash their hand all the time especially after the get home

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