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Last cookie in the jar: His rituals

He knew what was normal and what was not then it happened and he had to stretch his beliefs. He was so broken inside that he was sure he will never find some of the pieces. He knew what he had to do: perform a ritual.

When his friends invited him for a road trip, they did not know why he agreed to join them so fast. He had a mission. He had heard so many times of success stories associated with self-invented rituals that had brought so much joy and relief to the inventors. Now it was his time to invent his own ritual and nurture what was left inside. He felt like the last cookie in the jar- All broken and lonely.

He could smile but he did not mean it “It is good against the wrinkles that are forming on your face” his other self told him silently that only him could hear.

As he looked at the wideness of the ocean, smelled the salty air and felt the cool breeze, he knew he had made the right choice. “This is where it will take place” he whispered. It did. He let it go with the waters that went round and round the world never to come back at the same place twice. He wished he will never have to do it again and for the rest of the days that his friends kept him company at the warm city of fun, he enjoyed himself.

They say life can be so ironic and he felt as if whoever said that was talking about him because now he has to perform the ritual again- a ritual of finding himself.

Ocean Rituals




Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

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