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Local Urban Forums

I have been busy for the last couple of months going round the country mapping and profiling Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 15 major towns in Kenya. It is amazing what Non Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations(CBOS) are doing on the ground The database of all the CSOs mapped so far is at over a 1000 and now I am back again to the towns to form Local Urban Forums in all the towns. As I go back I hope that these forums will emerging sectors such as governance, gender and vulnerable groups up the ladder since most of the CSOs seem to concentrate on the other sectors and not the two.

I have noted that people have no clear-cut knowledge on what gender is. Most people know that gender is ensuring that the girl Child’s rights are not violated. There is inadequate involvement of the women in planning. Women still think that governance is a man’s issue to tackle. The youth also lack in civic engagement and most of the governance issues are not gender sensitive. Weak structures of implementation is clear that in most towns the policies do not get implemented fully. The society members on the other hand have experienced societal fatigue, they have lost the zeal to continue working on the pressing issues. Project duplication by the key actors has also caused neglect of the major issues at hand. The stakeholders’ laxity in following up projects has also caused neglect of the governance issues affecting the people of Mombasa. Poor networking has also caused most CSOs and the relevant stakeholders a lot of insight on the key governance issues.

There has been minimal debate on the way forward by and I hope this will act as a catalyst. After all, whose town is it?

The real question is: Whose town is it anyway?


Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “Local Urban Forums

  1. Hi
    I really like your blog and all the good work that you are doing so far. I am a student here in the United States and for one of my projects, I would like to get more information from you and it has to do with techology, sort of technology changs that have taken place in Kenya and so forth. You can contact me at and i am looking forward to communicate with you more.

  2. Hi Judy
    I recently heard that Kenya is seeing a lot of things happening when it comes to its Information Communications network and I think it does have better types of communications hubs when compared to other countries around Africa. I also feel that if there is room to grow, that would be in the area of both land line and hand held phones because Kenya still seems to be catching up to the resent of the world when it comes to Internet growth.
    Thanks and will look forward to your replies.

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