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Introducing The Ecodigest Magazine

Among the 21st century environmental challenges is the ever-changing global climate. Its adverse effects have been witnessed and devastating consequences felt. Kenya, like most countries in the world has experienced abnormally high temperatures leading to the drying of water bodies and prolonged drought periods. This has created a water and food crisis. Moreover, floods resulting from intense rainfall have propelled untimely deaths, destroyed ecosystems and led to the extinction of plants and animal species.

With this in mind, Kenya has over the years developed several sector specific national policies for the sound management of environmental activities. The effective conservation of the environment largely depends on governance which sets multi-level interactions that aid in formulating and implementing policies to guide national agenda, priorities and interventions for various challenges in response to environment related demands and inputs from society. However, the Government cannot work alone, people from all levels of society need to get involved in this fight.

Despite failing to offer an amicable solution to the climate change problems, Copenhagen 2009 talks stirred the need for partnership from the community, national to international level in finding adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change. This will also include support from and collaboration with the private sector, civil associations, non governmental organizations, academic institutions and the media.

Thus in play is Ecodigest, a journal geared towards accelerating the process by providing factual and authoritative information on all aspects of the environment. It also acts as a fundamental too to all organizations and people seeking to understand and get involve in providing solutions to a planet under threat from climate change. Eco Digest is a product of Ecotact, a social enterprise which founded in 2006 with the sole aim of developing creative social investments in environmental sanitation and management in Africa and beyond. The enterprise has developed different flagship social initiatives that include the innovative Ikotoilet – thinking beyond a toilet, an idea that that won the Ashoka Fellow on Public Innovation for 2007 and UN Best practice in 2010.

The Ecodigest Second Issue

Eco digest is giving you an opportunity to put your advertisement in our pages as we embark on a revolutionary step set to find more effective and better ways of tackling environmental problems. The magazine provides an opportunity for your organization to showcase what you have done to conserve the environment in pictures and articles. This is an opportunity for the target audience to see and feel what you have done to protect further damage to the environment.



Eco-entrepreneur and a Project Manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

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