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Are you parochial?

I pick up a book and it starts: This book embarks on a journey of our own, a journey in understanding that will, through the following pages, take us across the globe. We will be making stops along the way: visiting countries such as Australia, Laos, Nepal, the Arctic, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Africa. I didn’t know Africa was a country. How parochial!!

It reminds me of a scientist who reminds me every time that living on a planet you know nothing about is parochial and one should always try to learn what is going on around them.

Sometimes comments like: How do you say hello in Africa?, Which part of China do you come? (Directed to someone from Asia continent), Which part of Africa do you come from (directed to a South American) may sound like a joke but I have heard all of them.

“Little knowledge is dangerous” that is what Roger Beckmann, a lecturer at the Australian National University says all the time. It is true. Ask someone how much carbon dioxide is in the air now that global warming is raising alarm and you will be surprised.

As a challenge, ask yourself how much you know about people around you, about your country, about your continent, about your environment, about yourself and you will be surprised.

The more you expand your knowledge circle, the more you know you don't know.