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Transparency and governance in natural resource management

The question of whether transparency will lead to a more accountable practice in the management of the natural resource management is a complex one. At the surface, it seems like the obvious answer to achieve accountability and then  improved governance  but is it really the case? Even when the advocates for transparency insist that the public should get the information in a format they can decipher regardless of their education levels, it means increased costs for agencies and companies whose main goal is not information dissemination.

Education plays a major role in ensuring that the public can decipher what information is released. So if education is not improved then transparency doesn’t make much difference. If we think from the financial perspective do we think that the cost incurred in processing information will be equated with the benefits to be accrued from  good governance? If the answer is yes, then we will see more transparency but if not, we are in for a long wait.

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Happy women’s day 2013

Being a woman is a wonderful thing. It is challenging and mostly feels as if someone is telling a bad story from the end to the beginning. Yesterday I was in a debate of what feminism is and whether some women are feminist even if they don’t know it yet. It just downed on me that it will be a long time before we talk about women’s issues without the association they evoke to feminism. Feminism has outlived its purpose and I think it is time to move on.

Today more than ever the inequality between men and women is hidden in so many spheres of life that just talking about jobs, income and glass ceiling is not enough. There is an opportunity for women to include themselves in much more than the outcomes of policies, technologies and debates. Women should be involved  in the process, in the trial and error and often discouraging processes of day-to-day lives that has positive results.  Women see things differently and if they brought these differences to develop their communities,  probably so much would be achieved with less. Women and men need to have opportunities to change their communities and bring policy reforms in their communities but as it is there is still a big gap. Empowering women and including them in policy making is a good start.

To all the women - Happy women's day. Your achievements and struggles are appreciated.
To all the women – Happy women’s day. Your achievements and struggles are appreciated.