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Landfill versus Incinerators Part 2

Waste Management should be at the top of every government’s development agenda because as we develop we create more waste and what we need is to turn this waste into products we can use and finally safely dispose what we can’t use.
What is better: landfills or incinerators? or even better landfills, incinerators or reuse?

Sustainable Waste Management

Most of the waste produced in Europe and in USA has been sent to landfill for the last 50 or so years. In the past it was easy to dispose of waste this way, as it was cheap, and space was often available in old quarries. Space approved for landfill is set to run out in the next five to ten years.

In the UK about two-thirds of land filled waste is biodegradable organic matter from households, businesses and industry. In 2007/08 about 15.5 million tonnes of municipal waste, most of which is household waste, was sent to landfill. Other waste sent to landfill includes inert materials; for example, from construction and demolition. Biodegradable materials such as paper and card, textiles, food and garden waste decompose and release the greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide.

This would sound like a sustainable option for waste management in Nairobi especially as we produce…

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