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Going Organic- Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

The modern world is so much dictated by technology that we have almost forgotten what being close to nature really means. It is a sad reality considering that nature has inspired the world as we see it today. With all sort of technological advancements, textile industry has like many other major industries, seen a transformation. We are talking about synthetic fabrics, nano textiles, pesticides, fertilisers and dyes. This would have been a good thing if they were’t so toxic. It is a deadly compromise that we have to live with- enjoy new, convenient, colourful fabrics or protect our selves from health and economic losses. Fortunately, it is not as bad as it sounds and really we can have more than a compromise. We just need to go back to basics and get closer to nature again.

Let’s talk about organic clothing. It has been assumed by many, myself included that organic clothes are expensive and its unnecessary effort but really this is a very counterintuitive way of thinking. The truth is, organic clothes are way more affordable and because they have been through less stress in production last even longer. They are gentle to our skin, to the farmers and to the planet in general.

For instance,  when shopping for newborn babies we need to be as natural and careful as possible because they are as natural as they come- we all know this because their immune system is delicate and they haven’t developed resistance to chemicals as we adults do but also for other reasons to be covered in this article.

Organic Baby Clothes  are the most cost efficient choice while shopping for baby clothes as they eliminate the future cost associated with serious health issues and sensitivities children develop as a result of inhaling toxic harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Baby ClothesOrganic clothes keeps the baby’s soft skin and health system closer to nature protecting the baby from chemicals present in pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds and other toxic substances used to dye the fabrics.

Organic cotton production is safer not only for the baby and your family but also for the farmers, their families, the factory workers who sew the clothes and the planet in general. It means that with a little effort, forward thinking and careful thought we can all wear clothes that are free from chemicals such as formaldehyde which is used to finish clothes (to keep them looking new) which can never be washed out as they bind to the fabric at a microscopic level.

There are numerous manufacturers, distributers, entrepreneurs and individuals who are going back to the basics and providing affordable organic products such as BubblyBaby – 100% Organic Baby Clothes whose online store stocks only organic affordable baby clothes.  Like most progressive businesses who are focusing on going back to the basics, we too can do something to change the course of things in the fashion industry by keeping our families away from potential allergenic, carcinogenic substances and save us a lot of money and pain in the future. Because, lets face it- we all want clothes that last and that keeps us safe so that we can stay away from the hospitals as much as we can and concentrate on having fun and living fully.

Tell me areas of your life where you’ve had to go back to the basics and your opinion on Organic Baby Clothing and you could be in to win a TEDx talk entry ticket in your city.






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