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There is so much to be said

A village on an island in the middle of a salty water ocean can easily die of thirst. There is so much to be said to help me with the publications I am working on that will explore waste management, sanitation, gender equity and inclusion and slum sanitation but I feel that I am in the middle of so much information that wont be let out too me.

Island mind

Like an island on an ocean full of salty water, I must be innovative and survive because I can’t see any other way out.

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Fundraising and Communication

Communication by devillious

Will I ever understand how communication and fundraising ever works?

I remember telling my boss that I am not a good fundraiser. That was because I never saw the link and my communication skills connected to fund raising.

Today, I have a different view. I should have attended this workshop last year or last year but one. Now linking communication and fund raising is not so foggy.

Potential champions, internal staff, potential donirs, present partners can all be invited and engaged  using meetings, internet communications, national platforms and regional platforms.

It is not all that easy though, there are still challenges of how to align the strategy with the local context, getting feedback and sharing knowledge.