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Your backyard is enough

You don’t need a whole farm to be self sustaining when it comes to food and being environmentally friendly. Ricky provides a good example. Have a look at what he is doing here



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The moving Jungle

They call them The moving jungle. When The Moving Jungle walks into a restaurant and ask for food, the stale food is quickly offered left from yesterday or previous day whichever will do.

What the restaurants’ attendants don’t know is that The Moving jungle have more purchasing power than the well dressed executives walking up and down the crowded streets, streets made sparkling clean by The moving jungles. Sometimes all they want to do is sit down during their lunch break and buy something to eat.

I had the pleasure of meeting The top of the cream of the so called The moving Jungles.

The Moving Jungle is the individuals who clean our streets, collect the garbage that we don’t want to see, clean our markets and make sure the restaurants and the hotels are spotless cleans.

They are the waste pickers, the garbage collectors- We have not found a name for them and so The Moving Jungle but they have. They introduce themselves to me as The Solid Waste Managers.

The Moving Jungle

I have been going round the country meeting the Solid Waste Managers, interacting with them, knowing them and I am humbled.

I am humbled by my ignorance about their situation , I am humbled by the meekness of their work, I am humbled by the grace with which they do their work and in disbelief of their starvation of honor and dignity.

They are forgotten until you meet them and awe at what they are achieving and contributing to the socioeconomic development of our countries.

Internationally, the language has changed from garbage collectors to environment managers, Small and medium enterprises and so it should from The Moving Jungles to  a more appealing and appropriate title because it is only then that they can become visible.

How much trash and waste do you generate and how much do you dispose off?