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The Gourd Painting

I spent the weekend staring at the new painting in my house. It hangs nicely on the wall as if it was a missing piece to a puzzle.

I was trying to figure out what the two gourds pouring into a bigger gourd which then pours into a big one means. The black background was also very intriguing and I have concluded that the background had to be black so that it doesn’t distract me from the main message. What is the message? is it diversity? is is teamwork? is it contribution? or is it just meaningless art work?

I have always loved abstract art because each day a new meaning rises with the rising sun. The Gourd Painting is not an abstract but it would pass for one by all means.

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Motivation and communication

Motivation is personal. Motivation is a door that opens from inside-out. What happens when you are not motivated to communicate to your colleagues, employees or even your employer. when you find it too tasking to pass whatever information you have?
It becomes a recipe for disaster both in your career and your life.
You need to keep yourself motivated through out, that way you can express yourself much better and only then can you take action that will accomplish your desired goal.